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 8 am-9 am  Romansiyat

 9 am-10 am Arab American Fusion

10 am-11 am Arabic 80's Music

11 am-12 pm “3aashooo"   عاشوو

12 pm-1 pm Best of Amro Diab

 1 pm-2 pm  Fusion Mix

 2 pm-3 pm Barcha Barcha   برشة برشة  

 3 pm-4 pm Top 20

 4 pm-5 pm Best of Wassouf

 5 pm-6 pm “RA2ASNI YA GADA3” رقصني يا جدع

 6 pm-7 pm Radio Fusion Mix

 7 pm-8 Pm Arab American Stars

 8 pm-9 pm Sallemli 3aleh   سلملي عليه

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